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Futureview: A Roadmap for Growth and Prosperity

Guest Blogger – Daniel Burrus We just passed a milestone that should have been a thunderclap heard round the world. Instead, it slipped past with barely a whisper. This May 25 was the semicentennial of a great moment in history. In his 1961 “Special Message to the Congress on Urgent Needs,” a young president painted an insanely bold picture of our future in the language of a dare: We’ll put a man on the moon and get him back safely—within the decade. The truly crazy thing, of course, is that we did. What JFK employed there was what I call futureview, and right now it may be our...

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Gap CEO Tailors Urgent Revamp

A few months ago, social media was aflutter about Gap’s new logo. That debate seems trivial in comparison to Gap’s business reality. According to Gap CEO, Glenn Murphy, this holiday season is a make or break moment for the retailer. The changes Murphy has been driving will either work or not. With no insights beyond what I read, I suspect Gap will be successful for three reasons: Murphy has urgency. Murphy is using time as a strategic asset. Murphy is involving the entire company in the fight. If Gap has identified the most powerful path to drive relevant value, its sense of...

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The Influential Power of Uncertainty

Certainty is a lofty goal. We all strive to be certain about our choices and recommendations, but the reality is certainty is a continuous work in process.  People don’t expect you to be absolutely certain, but they expect you to be transparent in your efforts to be certain. That’s how I read this study. If you think about it, honesty, clarity, and transparency make for the most effective communication in all areas of our lives. The power of trying to be certain in the right ways will speed progress. BY ANDREW HANELLY Nobody can possibly know everything. And we tend to look...

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Article: 5 Steps For Building Company Value

Phil Fernandez and Marketo have a really good thing going on. They’re trying to create a new category — revenue performance management — and throwing everything they can at it. I believe they’ll be successful for one overarching reason: They understand the value of time. Time is in their control. Most everything else isn’t. BY FC EXPERT BLOGGER KAIHAN KRIPPENDORFF Perhaps AT&T’s recent announcement that it would buy T-Mobile for $39 billion got you thinking: how much is my business worth and what would it take to double its value this year? That is the...

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A Venture-Capital Newbie Shakes Up Silicon Valley

Marc and Ben have a great formula for winning. It’s the same one that made them successful when they worked together inside companies. They’re operators. They’ve been there. They’ve positioned companies to win. They’ve scaled companies to make a difference. And they have keen insights into winnable market spaces and the talent to make winning a reality. Their firm is a great asset for an economy in need of stimulation. BY PUI-WING TAM, GEOFFREY A. FOWLER AND AMIR EFRATI MENLO PARK, Calif.—As a newly minted venture capitalist, Marc Andreessen, co-founder of...

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