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Powering the Advertising that Powers the Internet™


Note: As many of you know I was recently named Chief Marketing Officer of AppNexus, the NY-based technology company that powers the advertising that powers the Internet. This is my first post for the company. The themes of transformation, opportunity, and speed continue. I thought you would find the subject interesting. My very best, Tom

Every day, more than 550 AppNexus employees around the world come to work to make greatness happen. They do so in many ways, like building great technologies designed to crack the code on mobile advertising, finding new ways to better connect buyers and sellers of digital advertising, and waging a multi-front war to preserve the highest standards of inventory quality.

Why? Is it some deep-seated passion for advertising? Probably not. A desire to reinvent an old industry? Maybe. The free snacks? Can’t hurt.

In truth, we are all at AppNexus because we have a clear collective mission. We know advertising is the lifeblood of the Internet, where advertising funds most of the great content we’re used to getting for free. It provides the means to innovate, investigate, and entertain. And it makes it possible to reach the right audiences – large and small.

With Madison Avenue and Silicon Alley coming together at a moment of unprecedented transition, we have both the opportunity and responsibility to make the Internet even better.

No company takes to heart the imperative of powering the advertising that powers that Internet as much as AppNexus. That’s why we’re working to solve the business and technology challenges inherent in creating smarter and more effective Internet advertising for the world’s most important advertising and media companies.

As I walked the packed floor at our annual New York Summit last week, the reality of our mission was unmistakable. You could feel the energy emanating from executives invigorated by the innovation and opportunity ahead. Now the challenge for AppNexus and our partners is to put to work that brilliance and energy so advertisers get the most from their ads, creators get the most from their content, and consumers get the most out of the Internet.

For consumers, there’s no question that mobile is the future. And where consumers go, advertisers will follow. With that inevitability in mind, AppNexus spent most of 2013 going “all in” on mobile advertising. At the Summit Ryan Christensen, VP of Product at AppNexus, announced that our mobile offering – currently the largest independent source of programmatic mobile supply worldwide – is now available to all buy-side clients. AppNexus is now handling billions of mobile ad impressions each day, and that’s only going to grow as we continue to expand our mobile partnership with Millennial Media, and fully ramp up MMX in the U.S. and, soon, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

As digital advertising continues to explode in reach and spend, a commitment to quality and efficacy must be unwavering. At Summit, AppNexus’ Quality Team leaders Geir Magnusson and Preethy Vaidyanathan reiterated the company’s promise to uphold the highest standards of ad quality and our longstanding zero-tolerance policy for any invalid activity on the platform. AppNexus is taking a systematic and rigorous approach to these issues, including a relentless pursuit of all seven types of invalid traffic reviewed by Geir and Preethy. Not only is this ethically the right thing to do, it’s absolutely vital to the long-term economic viability of the Internet advertising business. As an industry, we simply cannot allow bad actors to undermine the growth engine fueling the free Internet ecosystem that benefits all of us.

Finally, many of you have likely seen a cover story in Adweek this past week outlining “everything you need to know about programmatic buying.” It’s a smart, timely piece worth reading as programmatic becomes an increasingly critical instrument for an industry that’s all about connecting people. Amidst all the face-to-face networking at Summit, AppNexus announced how it will continue to foster new innovations that facilitate more efficient human interactions between buyers and sellers.

Following previous Summits in San Francisco and London, New York completes the series for 2013. The ninth such event in three years, these invitation-only gatherings underscore the commitment of AppNexus to serve as the nexus for our industry, bringing people together, and generating ideas that will continue to drive digital advertising – and the Internet – forward.

Here’s to a strong finish to 2013, and an epic 2014!

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