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How We Make Change Happen

Here’s what’s necessary to accelerate brand value with 21Weeks:

  • A powerful positioning platform that enables selling from value versus price or features
  • A thought leadership focused communications program that excites the sales force as much as the market
  • Alignment within all critical internal functions – sales, product, services, biz dev, marketing
  • A detailed understanding of competitors, customers, the buying process, and barriers to purchase
  • Guinea pigs – a clear sense of which sales units and which type of customers and partners are most qualified to trial change
  • Training that sticks
  • Incentives that drive the right behaviors
  • Follow-up that keeps everyone on track while making necessary adjustments as feedback dictates

This kind of integration is not easy. But it’s the hallmark of 21Weeks. We’ve been in this position many times – in the CMO and CEO hot seats, on the front lines with sales and the product group, driving the content and behaviors that will turn vision into value.