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Thomas Butta

Thomas Butta is Founder and CEO of 21Weeks, where he drives sustainable transformation for organizations in rapidly changing markets like open source, cloud, big data, customer experience management, and digital media. He is an experienced and sought after thought leader, having worked with top tier companies such as Red Hat, Parametric Technology Corp, NICE Systems, and FGI. Thomas is a Fast Company Fast 50 Reader’s Choice winner, is the author of the popular blog, Speed Matters, and writes for the Huffington Post, Thought Leaders LLC, Best Thinking, Business2Community and He speaks on matters of capitalizing on critical moments and accelerating value.

Recent Keynote Speech Titles

Speed Matters

The Importance of Velocity When Facing Critical Opportunities

Opportunities to transform to a higher level of value are rare. How you respond will forever change the future of your entire enterprise. Are you ready to capitalize on such opportunities? Can you rapidly move your organization forward with power, precision and speed? Everything starts with a sense of urgency and dissatisfaction with the status quo. Only then will you be able to push boundaries, and align your organization around a compelling transformative agenda.


Lessons from the Hot Seat of Transformation

Driving sustainable transformation is very challenging work. It’s not for everyone. But for those committed to realizing a more valuable future, it’s worth the pain and push back. This is an insider’s view on what it’s like to drive change from the hot seat of transformation. It’s about lessons learned at a very large company stuck in the past, two mid-level companies stuck in the middle, and two small companies facing big-dog competitors blocking their upside.

Align for Success

The Power From Integrating Product, Sales and Marketing

You have transformative power at your disposal when you integrate your cornerstone assets — product management, sales/services/business development, and marketing — around a compelling positioning platform. Sounds easy? It’s not, and you know it. Here’s how to create and leverage a compelling market-centric value-based positioning platform as the critical framework that aligns your organization, and drives higher levels of value.

Turning Vision into Value

A Roadmap for Creating and Capturing Value

Everyone talks about value. It’s certainly common practice to relentlessly showcase how your products and services create one kind of value or another. Unfortunately, the word ‘value’ is overused, perhaps even abused. Which is too bad because value really is the goal, isn’t it? At the end of the day, isn’t it all about creating and capturing value? How to do that, however, is difficult. Until now. All it needed was a roadmap, a roadmap for creating and capturing value.

“I’ve never seen anyone create such significant impact in such a short period of time.” –Ed Gillis, Former CFO of Lotus, PTC and Veritas; interim CFO at Avaya and Skype; Active Board Director of Endeca Technologies and LogMeIn

For more information and to book Thomas for your next event contact: 21Weeks at 646-420-1177 or