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Fostering the Human Experience: Why I’m Joining Sprinklr as CMO

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Throughout my career, I’ve had the great privilege of marketing some of the world’s most pioneering enterprise software companies. Like any highly successful business, these iconic firms – Red Hat, Citrix, PTC, AppNexus, and others – have elite products, driven teams, and farsighted leadership.

But that’s not what makes them special.

Their exceptionalism comes from another source: the rare ability to perceive a paradigm shift taking place, and the courage to act on it early and wholeheartedly. By building their businesses from the ground up to embrace the challenges and opportunities of a new age, these companies have been able to fundamentally transform entire industries.

Sprinklr is cut from that same coveted cloth. And today, I’m thrilled to say that I’ve joined the company as CMO to help share its incredible story with the world.

Most recently as Consultant-in-Residence at Andreessen Horowitz, I’ve spent countless hours observing disruptive companies and technologies to help one of the globe’s most respected venture capital firms distill its view on how – and where – software is eating the world. From that perch it was clear to see that, for the marketing industry and, in fact, all customer-facing departments, the moment of software eating our world is taking place right now.

With the rise of social media, today’s consumers are more empowered and connected than ever. And as a result, their relationships with businesses have changed forever. Funny enough, it took social technology to bring us back to our roots and give us a global platform for fostering the human experiences we all crave as individuals.

For brands, that opportunity to become human – to converse with customers one-on-one, instantly, and in a truly meaningful way – has never been greater or more critical. But, as it is for every one of us, it’s a skill that must be nurtured and refined over time. And for brands, it can only happen with the help of tools that not only break down the walls within their organizations, but also allow them to think with one mind and speak with one, human voice.

By providing the world’s most powerful and sophisticated social technology to Fortune 500 companies like Intel, Microsoft, Samsung, and many others, Sprinklr is helping global brands do exactly that by creating a social infrastructure that puts customers back at the heart of their enterprises.

In much the same way, we at Sprinklr are committed to putting our customers at the heart of our enterprise and everything we do. We know this is a noisy, crowded, and fast-changing industry where the inclination to shout above the fray is all too pervasive. We also know, however, that the days of shouting as an effective mechanism for reaching and engaging with audiences are over.

That’s why we choose to “sprinkle.” If you filter out the noise, listen closely, and genuinely care, we believe it’s easy to spot the needs of your customers. And if you address those needs and consistently work to add real value, you create the possibility of trust. Trust – that enormously valuable yet illusive state – is what lies at the foundation of every lasting relationship.


About the Author: Tom Butta is a marketing leader who has spent his career helping some of the world’s most pioneering enterprise software companies build trusted, global brands that have defined and fundamentally transformed entire industries. Prior to joining Sprinklr, Tom served as Consultant-in-Residence at Andreessen Horowitz, where he worked to define the venture capital firm’s points of view as a guide for Fortune 2000 companies and entrepreneurs looking for insights about the future of technology

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