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Fostering the Human Experience: Why I’m Joining Sprinklr as CMO

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5 Ways to Rise Above the Noise

Remember the Verizon ads years ago that repeated the refrain, “Can you hear me now?”℠ It was a brilliant and simple way to demonstrate how Verizon’s network was superior to others. For mobile phone users frustrated by fuzzy and unstable calls, Verizon nailed the ultimate consumer benefit at the time: a clear and reliable connection. One of the biggest obstacles for marketers today is finding impactful and lasting ways to rise above the noise. Everywhere you turn there is a relentless stream of content delivered through an unending variety of channels. No brand, company, or...

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Hit the Ground Running – Five Ways to Jump-Start 2014

I was recently invited to speak at Bowery Capital’s CMO Summit about how to increase your odds of success in staying ahead of a rapidly evolving market. Our discussion, which highlighted five ways to build sustainable change, applies equally to any critical moment you might be facing – like the beginning of a new year, for example. The following is a summary of that discussion, reposted with permission from Bowery Capital’s Keegan Forte. There’s also the full 40-minute video for those interested in the complete...

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Powering the Advertising that Powers the Internet™

Note: As many of you know I was recently named Chief Marketing Officer of AppNexus, the NY-based technology company that powers the advertising that powers the Internet. This is my first post for the company. The themes of transformation, opportunity, and speed continue. I thought you would find the subject interesting. My very best, Tom Every day, more than 550 AppNexus employees around the world come to work to make greatness happen. They do so in many ways, like building great technologies designed to crack the code on mobile advertising, finding new ways to better connect buyers and...

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My March for Innovation Started In Sicily

Today I join hundreds of thousands of leaders from politics, business, technology, media, sports, and entertainment – in addition to hundreds of thousands of Americans across the country – in the largest ever virtual march on Washington to support bipartisan immigration reform legislation. Our current immigration policies are antiquated. Reform is long overdue for America. America is a country whose people believe there is (nearly) always a better way. That spirit of innovation comes from our roots. We are all descendants of a people who moved here seeking a better way forward. Whether...

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