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Have you ever wondered why some company cultures are stronger than others, or why some brand stories are crystal clear? Certainly there are many factors that contribute to the clarity of your company’s culture and brand, but one of the most important is how well you onboard people during their first critical days, weeks, and months. Successful onboarding has two primary benefits: 1) A more informed worker, partner, or customer stands a better chance of being more productive than a less informed one. 2) Knowing more sooner increases an employee’s odds of producing faster results. If...

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Fulfilling a Bold Vision

What does it take to drive a critical agenda, to execute a bold vision? To me it comes down to all of the following characteristics. Belief – belief in the importance of the mission Clarity – clarity in articulating why it matters Conviction – conviction to see it through to the end Courage – courage to navigate the obstacles and impediments Urgency – urgency to capitalize on the critical moments Team – a team that’s aligned and motivated Leadership – leadership that’s manifested in words and actions Proof – proof that people can see Perspective – perspective that...

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Simplicity & Complexity

Do you ever notice how good it feels when you experience the power of simplicity? It’s clarifying, even freeing. On the other hand, do you notice how heavy it feels when you’re experiencing complexity? It has a certain weight to it. Why does simplicity feel so good? Because simplicity eliminates, or at least minimizes, intricacy, ornamentation even pretentiousness. Simplicity cuts out the extraneous middle. Simplicity is a faster way to get to whatever and wherever you’re after. Complexity, by its very nature, creates obstacles between where you are and where you’re going. Complexity...

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The Truth Behind IBM’s Plans to Acquire Big Data Company, StoredIQ

IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire StoredIQ Inc., a privately held company based in Austin, Texas.

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The Allure of Symmetry

Wednesday was one of those rare days where everything lined up. 12/12/12.  It doesn’t get more symmetrical than that. Everything did line up, didn’t it? It’s interesting to observe our innate desire for symmetry. What is so alluring about order? Why do we strive for regularity, balance, and equilibrium? We all can’t be born in late August and September under the sign of Virgo. Certainly 12/12/12 was a day when the world clock came together in a way that won’t happen again until next year’s 11/12/13. But why does a stacking of the same digits cause universal commentary?  What...

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