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The Truth Behind IBM’s Plans to Acquire Big Data Company, StoredIQ

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If you were a fan of the band, The Police, you certainly remember the haunting song that featured the lyrics, “Every breath you take, every move you make, every step you take, I’ll be watching you.” That’s as good a way as any to explain why Big Data is such a big deal.

Everything everywhere is being captured, recorded, and stored. Every keystroke. Every communication. Every transaction. Every interaction. The opportunity to make sense of the data in order to take intelligent action is compelling for obvious reasons. You might gain a competitive edge if you are able to know more so you can do more sooner.

The truth is that’s a lot easier said than done. Despite the opportunity to gain insights and take intelligent action, Big Data is misunderstood. Which explains why there are so many views on what to do and what not to do.

In the middle of noise around Big Data is a clear voice with an enlightened view on what Big Data is all about. That voice is from a small, but smart software company in Austin, Texas called StoredIQ. StoredIQ packaged its views into a provocative, easy-to-read booklet called The Truth About Big Data. It is exactly what the title suggests. It’s about dispelling the myths and unraveling the mysteries about Big Data.

The booklet, and the ensuing Truth About Big Data Roadshow drew the attention of thousands of executives and hundreds of companies. One company that took particular notice was IBM, the technology juggernaut that has jumped all over the Big Data bandwagon.

IBM was pulled in by StoredIQ’s compelling take on the Big Data space, and impressed with the technological substance and knowhow behind StoredIQ’s bold voice. On December 19, IBM announced its intentions to acquire StoredIQ, and make the company an integral part of IBM’s Information Lifecycle Governance business unit.

The lessons here are clear:

  • You’re better served if you focus your energies on owning the customer problem. Customers pay attention when you have something valuable to say. People don’t like to be sold. They like to be related to. Speaking to their problems is a great way to engage.
  • Stop being part of the market noise with a sales pitch reliant solely on feature/function benefits. People don’t make decisions based on logic. They use logic to reinforce decisions instinctively made from their belly or heart.

The way to gain awareness of every step you take is to speak the customer language.

In hot, noisy, crowded market spaces, that’s a truth worth following – especially for challenger brands.

Thomas Butta 

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