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The Road to Value (Part 1)

Much is written about value. Even more is said about it. Value just might be the most overused word in business today. At the organization level, we hear about customer value, shareholder value, and enterprise value. At the department level, Product Management wants its products to be perceived as good value not high cost. Sales wants to sell from value rather than feature/functions. And, Marketing is measured on the value of leads and brand equity. Even support departments like Finance, IT and HR strive for value. Finance wants positive returns of value for capital deployed. IT must...

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IBM Acquires Platform Computing. Whatever.

By Thomas Butta, NY Business Strategies Examiner Writers Note: This post is about what’s possible for those of you facing an opportunity to accelerate your organization to a higher level of value. It showcases a company that had the courage to challenge the status quo and heavy-duty competition. The story is longer than normal, but it’s a compelling case study that needs room to unfold. Did you catch the news of IBM’s latest software acquisition a few weeks ago? Business as usual for Big Blue? Certainly. But, who and what is Platform Computing? Click here to find out. We had the same...

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Futureview: A Roadmap for Growth and Prosperity

Guest Blogger – Daniel Burrus We just passed a milestone that should have been a thunderclap heard round the world. Instead, it slipped past with barely a whisper. This May 25 was the semicentennial of a great moment in history. In his 1961 “Special Message to the Congress on Urgent Needs,” a young president painted an insanely bold picture of our future in the language of a dare: We’ll put a man on the moon and get him back safely—within the decade. The truly crazy thing, of course, is that we did. What JFK employed there was what I call futureview, and right now it may be our...

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Have We Become Anti-Social?

Social media is everywhere, in every industry and on every device. Its usage is astounding, really. Reports document that Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are not only growing exponentially, they are the first and last places people go every day. For all of our fascination with social media, I ask, have we become anti-social? Sit in any office environment and what do you see? People with their eyes glued to their computers. Alone. Peer inside most cars on the road and who is there? A driver. On the phone. What forms of communication are most prevalent? E-mail. Texts. Posts....

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Where Magic Happens

Those are powerful words, I know. But magic is indeed possible – even in business. To me, magic in business is bringing to life a big idea embedded with emotion. Yes, big ideas are differentiating, relevant, and provocative, but they become magical ideas when they also have a strong human component. Magical ideas are ideas that connect with people. They move people to see things in a different way. They move people to want to know more. Magical ideas are ideas that stop you. They pull you in. They set new standards. So why don’t we see more of them? Two reasons. First, it is very...

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