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The Way

Do you have a life plan? Is your career mapped out? I wonder, how’s it going? Is it taking the form you envisaged? Are you where you thought you’d be? Is it all neat and tidy? Probably not. If you’re like most people, your life and your career are different from what you planned. Did you plan to move to New York from Florida, but instead wound up in Portugal? Did you see remaining an owner of your business only to be lured away by your client? Are you concerned that your last four jobs have averaged 18 months each? Do you want to be an entrepreneur, but are instead looking for the...

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The Risk of Waiting

The following is a direct response I received to my last post, A Good Fit. I’m sharing it in a post because it dramatically cuts to the core of the issue — the risk of inaction. I think your point about time is understated.  The point that you are making is that no clothes = no party. Waiting for the perfect outfit is the wrong focus. Your point about time is THE point. That’s what 21 Weeks is all about. Speed Matters! I would keep hammering that.  The conflict isn’t between companies and people or CMOs and Boards of Directors. It’s between winners and losers. Winners...

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A Good Fit

What exactly is a good fit? A good fit is something that matches your specifications. Fundamentally, it’s where demand meets supply. The clothing and shoe industries do a great job of enabling a good fit. They each provide a variety of styles in multiple sizes to match what you might be looking for. And if the fit isn’t perfect, your local tailor or shoe repairman can make adjustments. The same is true with restaurants that provide a broad menu to fit your taste. They serve hot or cold starters, main courses of meat, fish, or vegetarian, different starches. And if the preparation isn’t...

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What is Soul?

Soul. It’s a funny looking word, but it carries such depth. What comes to mind when you see the word, soul? Think about it for a minute before reading on. When was the last time you thought about soul? Soul shows up in many places. Like music. Soul music. Can you hear it? Like a dramatic performance. Soulful. Can you see it? Like religion. “Pray the Lord my soul to keep.” Did you recite it? Like food. Soul food. Authentic food, be it southern collards or Sicilian rice balls. Even though we’ve shown many associations, soul isn’t really what you see. It’s more about what you feel....

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Ideasicle Podcast Interview

Listen to my recent podcast interview with Will Burns of On the show we cover: Discuss my instrumental role in launching the controversial “Product First” campaign at PTC. The importance of a CMO not only being creative, but hand picking the right team around him or her. CMO as “creative director” for the brand. Explain how to get people in a large organization to rally around a single, transformative brand idea. About my current company, 21Weeks, and how it is transforming brands today. Listen Now...

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