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Word Limit: How is Your Grasp of the Language?

I couldn’t agree more. They say actions speak louder than words, but words are what motivate, inspire, and entice us. If we begin with the right words actions will be all the more effective. By Bob James, I enjoy consultant Alan Weiss’ monthly e-newsletter Balancing Act. Weiss is the Andy Rooney of the corporate boardroom. In the current edition, he bemoans our poor command of language. “I’ve always believed that language controls discussion, discussion controls relationships, and relationships control business,” Weiss writes. Ain’t it the truth. “As...

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The Risk of Waiting

The following is a direct response I received to my last post, A Good Fit. I’m sharing it in a post because it dramatically cuts to the core of the issue — the risk of inaction. I think your point about time is understated.  The point that you are making is that no clothes = no party. Waiting for the perfect outfit is the wrong focus. Your point about time is THE point. That’s what 21 Weeks is all about. Speed Matters! I would keep hammering that.  The conflict isn’t between companies and people or CMOs and Boards of Directors. It’s between winners and losers. Winners...

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