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Article: 5 Steps For Building Company Value

Phil Fernandez and Marketo have a really good thing going on. They’re trying to create a new category — revenue performance management — and throwing everything they can at it. I believe they’ll be successful for one overarching reason: They understand the value of time. Time is in their control. Most everything else isn’t.


Perhaps AT&T’s recent announcement that it would buy T-Mobile for $39 billion got you thinking: how much is my business worth and what would it take to double its value this year?

That is the kind of question we have been helping our clients answer for years. And we have found the best way to learn is to ask. When you are learning to cook a new dish, you consult a recipe. When you assemble IKEA furniture, you follow the directions (at least most of us do). So why not also consult someone about how to build huge value in your business?

Over the years, my colleagues and I have interviewed many CEOs and entrepreneurs to understand how they do it. But last week, we think we hit the gold mine.

Phil Fernandez is an entrepreneur who has already taken two companies public. Now he is applying his process again, as the CEO of Marketo–a Revenue Performance Management company, which over just a few years grew to 1,000 customers in 30 countries with a 315% year-over-year revenue growth rate. My colleague Nadia Laurinci and I got a chance to learn first-hand how Phil does it, and you can view my blogcast on building company value here.

Here is Phil’s recipe:

1) Set out to change the world: identify a business opportunity where you can make a dramatic impact. Tesla Motors (the first U.S. automobile company to establish IPO since Ford) is pursuing a grand mission: “to increase the number and variety of electric cars available to mainstream consumers.”

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