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Taking a Leap

The act of going from where you are to a higher, more valuable level is often expressed in a number of funny ways: Breaking through. Getting to a new level. Making big strides. But, the one I like best is taking a leap. Taking a leap captures the emotion in doing something dramatically different. It’s exhilarating, but it’s also a bit scary. To make a bold move you have to get out of your comfort zone. You have to get beyond the status quo. Which means you have to get off the current path even if that path has attractive upswings. Most organizations operate off of an ‘S’ curve, which...

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The Road to Value (Part 1)

Much is written about value. Even more is said about it. Value just might be the most overused word in business today. At the organization level, we hear about customer value, shareholder value, and enterprise value. At the department level, Product Management wants its products to be perceived as good value not high cost. Sales wants to sell from value rather than feature/functions. And, Marketing is measured on the value of leads and brand equity. Even support departments like Finance, IT and HR strive for value. Finance wants positive returns of value for capital deployed. IT must...

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Align for Success

Do you remember the popular book, Dress for Success? It sold millions of copies based on a simple concept:  If you want to get ahead you need to look the part. And that starts with what you wear. Wardrobes were updated everywhere. Dress for Success was itself a resounding success because it nailed the fundamentals. Its basic premise made sense — appearances matter. And, it was easy to execute. So, the individual had a playbook, albeit one book in the broader scheme of things, on how to increase their odds of success. Cool. What about the organization? Is there an equivalent playbook...

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Word Limit: How is Your Grasp of the Language?

I couldn’t agree more. They say actions speak louder than words, but words are what motivate, inspire, and entice us. If we begin with the right words actions will be all the more effective. By Bob James, I enjoy consultant Alan Weiss’ monthly e-newsletter Balancing Act. Weiss is the Andy Rooney of the corporate boardroom. In the current edition, he bemoans our poor command of language. “I’ve always believed that language controls discussion, discussion controls relationships, and relationships control business,” Weiss writes. Ain’t it the truth. “As...

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Google Partners With Sony Pictures, Universal And Warner Brothers For YouTube Movies

It’s fascinating to watch how quickly things are moving in the world of digital content and distribution. Those that understand the importance of time as an asset are moving as fast as possible. This is another example of the benefits of having a sense of urgency. Those that have a bunker mentality and yearn for the way things were will forever be left behind. BY ALEXIA TSOTSIS Google confirmed the existence of its YouTube Movies service earlier today and has just released more details on which studios and movies will provide the 3,000 titles in its repertoire. YouTube has partnered up...

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