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Stefon Harris: There Are No Mistakes On the Bandstand

Whoever said, ‘The way is in the going,” must be into jazz. This is a great...

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Inside The Mind Of Kim Jong-Il

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This is fascinating research. I do a lot of work with companies that have software that can predict what might be through the science of modeling. The work generally yields extraordinary value. But, when you apply it to the human dimension like we see below, I wonder how can leverage this kind of work for the greater good. By Gary Stix (Click here for the original article) What was up with a world leader who thought he could control the weather while engaging in his passion for Elizabeth Taylor movies? No one knows for sure, but a few years ago, two psychologists took a crack at a...

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You Say You Want a Resolution

This is the time of year when we attend to the annual ritual of making resolutions for the New Year. Is it worth doing? Does it help? If we were honest, we’d probably conclude that while the idea of making resolutions is relevant, our execution falls far short time and again. Why is that? I believe we do short shrift to the process of making resolutions because we don’t see it for what it really is—vitally important. The process of determining our most meaningful hopes for the New Year is no different than making an annual plan. Companies do it. Why don’t individuals? For all the talk...

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Time, Distance and Clarity

For all the benefits of moving quickly we must remember to stop, to think, to see. It is in those quiet moments when we usually see much more than we’ve ever seen before. And that’s where magic can happen. By FRANK BRUNI (read the original article) Published: December 12, 2011 Above Rome’s pale yellow and dusky orange buildings, the sky somehow looks bluer than it does almost anywhere else. Did I take proper note of that when I saw it all the time? When it was the canopy over my waking, my working and the all-consuming, all-distracting tedium of daily life? I worry I didn’t....

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Do you ever wonder about motivation? Now  is certainly the time of year when many of us reflect on where where we’ve been and where we’re going.  Reflection is good, after all. But, do you ever consider why you’re motivated to do certain things? Do you wonder what’s driving you? When I look at my friends I see a group of highly motivated people.  Some are starting something new — most with nothing more than the desire to bring an idea to life. Others are working in established organizations — usually stimulated by what remains possible despite good success under their...

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