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IBM Acquires Platform Computing. Whatever.

By Thomas Butta, NY Business Strategies Examiner Writers Note: This post is about what’s possible for those of you facing an opportunity to accelerate your organization to a higher level of value. It showcases a company that had the courage to challenge the status quo and heavy-duty competition. The story is longer than normal, but it’s a compelling case study that needs room to unfold. Did you catch the news of IBM’s latest software acquisition a few weeks ago? Business as usual for Big Blue? Certainly. But, who and what is Platform Computing? Click here to find out. We had the same...

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No new drugs? Blame Wall Street

Cutting back on R&D ecosystem equals long-term decline for companies and nations. No new drugs? Big drugmakers are submitting to investors’ short-sightedness instead of doing the right thing. FORTUNE — Earlier this year, drug giant Pfizer (PFE) announced plans to slash spending on research and development by a third. Its shares closed that day up more than 5%. Two days later rival Merck (MRK) went the other way, saying it would maintain existing R&D levels. Its shares fell by nearly 3%. Investors had sent Big Pharma a very clear message: Stop spending so much money to...

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The Confusion of Logistics and Strategy Problem

Breakthrough strategy = well-executed vision. So widespread, it deserves an acronym: CLASP. You have a clasp when people criticize your new strategy because they don’t know how to execute it. Yes, a new strategy has to be executable, or it’s merely a wish. No, the logistics behind it don’t have to be tried and true. It’s one job to dream up a strategy and another job to execute it. Whining about how hard the logistics are is just fine, but don’t conflate this with thoughtful feedback about whether your strategy makes sense. Just about every great new project...

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Better, Faster, Cheaper Is Not Innovation: Kodak and Microsoft

Inertia is a force far greater than momentum. By Adam Hartung, Contributor There is a big cry for innovation these days.Unfortunately, despite spending a lot of money on it, most innovation simply isn’t. And that’s why companies don’t grow. The giant consulting firm Booz & Co. just completed its most recent survey on innovation.  Like most analysts, they tried using R&D spending as yardstick for measuring innovation.  Unfortunately, as a lot of us already knew, there is no correlation: “There is no statistically significant relationship between financial performance and...

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What’s Your Question?

Good piece by Polly LaBarre. Some fifteen years ago, in the early days of starting up Fast Company magazine, co-founder Alan Webber, shared one of his rules of thumb with me: “a good question beats a good answer.” That pithy wisdom sunk in and took hold immediately. In the course of hundreds of reporting journeys and thousands of conversations with leaders, entrepreneurs, thinkers, and doers of all stripes, I’ve tuned into the questions people ask. The first thing you notice when you have your ears pricked for questions is that most people (especially businesspeople) are...

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