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UC4 Software Acquired by Growth Investor. What Do You See?

UC4, the world’s largest independent IT Process Automation Company, yesterday announced thatEQT Private Equity Investors agreed to purchase the company from The Carlyle Group. EQT is the leading private equity group in Northern Europe with nearly $18 billion in raised capital. When asked, “What do You See in UC4?” EQT said, “We see a highly attractive growth company.” This is a great first outcome for UC4, a highly successful, but relatively unknown company. Here’s why. UC4 is in a great position to rapidly accelerate through an opportunity to lead a new, important, valuable IT...

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Uncertainty. Are you empowered or disarmed by ambiguity?

Do you embrace uncertainty or run from it? Does ambiguity motivate you or cause you frustration and discomfort? Most people are more comfortable in conditions that are clear. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case these days.  The new normal is anything but stability. Most often we’re operating in situations that are shifting, changing, even disruptive. If you have the power to stick with it, I believe that working through uncertainty has great benefits. That’s where learning is possible. That’s where breakthroughs come from. That’s where magic happens. Think about it. If we had...

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Subvert The Dominant Paradigm

June 19. San Francisco. Atelier Laurent Studio. It was a gathering of contrarians, a few hundred radicals hand-selected to come together to mash it up inside an inspiring art studio. These weren’t painters or sculptors. These were protagonists in the business world, protestors of the status quo – demonstrators, if you will, of a better way to build and run organizations. This was a gathering of change agents who drive new agendas all over the world – in big organizations and small, established ones and newbie’s. This event was called the MIX Mashup. Its stories can be found here. As...

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Chaos and Control

You’re probably familiar with Get Smart, the television series subsequently made into a movie. Its plot pitted the intelligence agency, CONTROL, against the terrorist forces of KAOS. It was set in a make-believe, make-me-laugh world that didn’t much resemble reality other than the contextual framing of good versus evil. Today, the challenge of trying to control chaos is very much at play – only this time without the slapstick. Where? The landscapes of many industries continue to get more complex. Whether it’s media or technology, science or health care, we’re witnessing a relentless...

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A Building

Name the tallest building in New York City? For the past 10½ years it was the iconic Empire State Building. No more. As of last week, that honor belongs to the new One World Trade Center, now more simply known as 1WTC and previously known as Freedom Tower. It was a big news story here in New York. Did you hear about it? For me 1WTC is less about what it is — a building — than what it stands for — the commitment to building something bigger, better and bolder. Think about it. A building is static. The act of building is active. A building is about what is. Building is...

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