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Have We Become Anti-Social?

Social media is everywhere, in every industry and on every device. Its usage is astounding, really. Reports document that Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are not only growing exponentially, they are the first and last places people go every day. For all of our fascination with social media, I ask, have we become anti-social? Sit in any office environment and what do you see? People with their eyes glued to their computers. Alone. Peer inside most cars on the road and who is there? A driver. On the phone. What forms of communication are most prevalent? E-mail. Texts. Posts....

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Signals (part 2 of 2): 7 Signs of Struggle

This is the second post in a two-part series on Signals, those feint and not-so-feint signals that tell you how things are going during your first few months in a new job. Part 1 was on the 8 Signs of Early Success. This post is about the signals that tell you things aren’t going so well. The signals that indicate things aren’t going so well fall into two camps: You haven’t been visibly endorsed Your work isn’t having an impact You know you haven’t earned the endorsement of your boss or your peers when: – You aren’t in the critical path of planning – Decisions are...

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Signals (part 1 of 2): 8 Signs of Early Success

The discussion sparked by my recent posts, A Good Fit and The Risk of Waiting, got me thinking about those feint and not-so-feint signals that tell you how things are going during your first few months in a job. While I’m sure you can sense when things are going well and when they’re not, it might help to be aware of common signs of success and struggle. This is the first of two posts on the subject, 8 Signs of Early Success. The signals that indicate things are going well fall into two camps: You are in demand You are having an impact You are in demand when: Your opinion is...

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Courage in Choosing

A very good friend had me laughing the other day when she played out a scene from a television show in Ireland called the D’Unbelievables. Apparently, whenever the characters go to a store and are asked what they want, they say, “One a dem and one a dem. And some a dem and some a dem. “ The notion of wanting some of this and some of that is a common refrain — one most often played out when making decisions.  When forced to choose between a strong, singularly clear idea and one that combines multiple alluring ingredients, the common response is to choose the blend. I’m sure...

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The Way

Do you have a life plan? Is your career mapped out? I wonder, how’s it going? Is it taking the form you envisaged? Are you where you thought you’d be? Is it all neat and tidy? Probably not. If you’re like most people, your life and your career are different from what you planned. Did you plan to move to New York from Florida, but instead wound up in Portugal? Did you see remaining an owner of your business only to be lured away by your client? Are you concerned that your last four jobs have averaged 18 months each? Do you want to be an entrepreneur, but are instead looking for the...

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