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Making Transformation Happen – Part 2

Organizing for Success Third, given the importance of transformation should organizations consider making transformation a business function? I would argue, yes. Organizing for success is key. Where can we find the best candidate to lead the transformation effort? The Office of the CEO would seem to be a natural candidate, but it’s not my choice. While the Office of the CEO sets company vision and strategy it does not have the time or operational bandwidth to physically drive the transformation agenda day in and day out. Who then? Who is best equipped to lead the cross-functional,...

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CMO Moves Reveal New Demands, Required Skills

It’s interesting to see how much comfort there seems to be with industry insiders in the article below. I would argue that the power of outside influence is what’s needed to help companies better accelerate through opportunities. CMO Moves Reveal New Demands, Required Skills. Over the past six to nine months, we’ve seen a next-generation marketer begin to emerge. The old “CPG academy” model is evolving to a “hybrid marketer” model — and it’s changing the career path and experiences of today’s top marketers. A more typical path...

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Signals (part 2 of 2): 7 Signs of Struggle

This is the second post in a two-part series on Signals, those feint and not-so-feint signals that tell you how things are going during your first few months in a new job. Part 1 was on the 8 Signs of Early Success. This post is about the signals that tell you things aren’t going so well. The signals that indicate things aren’t going so well fall into two camps: You haven’t been visibly endorsed Your work isn’t having an impact You know you haven’t earned the endorsement of your boss or your peers when: – You aren’t in the critical path of planning – Decisions are...

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