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The Brand & The Business Model

I am sure you would agree that people don’t often put ‘brand’ and ‘business model’ in the same sentence. While both are critical to the success of a company, they are often seen as different and separate. Does that make sense – especially in an era where vision, velocity and precision must go hand in hand? I think not. Before you introduce marketing and sales best practices into a company, you need to FIRST transform the brand to the business model or the business model to the brand. Skipping this step wastes tremendous resources downstream — not to mention the loss of time...

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Sorrell Takes Out His Guns

Important debate that deserves to be surfaced…especially for marketers. Can the ad business take on the technology business? Martin Sorrell, the chief executive of WPP and, arguably, the dominant voice in the advertising business, recently gave an interview in which he challenged the basic efficacy of social media as an advertising tool. Mind you, this is against a backdrop of the entire advertising industry in a manic dither to stress its social media bona fides. What you want to be right now is a social media agency—because every other agency network or holding company has to buy...

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The Jeff Bezos Formula for Asymmetric Competition

The art of moving quickly with a savvy strategy. By Stephen Wunker, Contributor Today’s announcement of the Kindle Fire, possibly the iPad’s most serious competitor, underscores how Amazon’s Jeff Bezos remains one of the most predictably revolutionary leaders in business. Selling at just $199, the Fire can accelerate the growth of the already white-hot tablet market through leveraging revenue streams Apple lacks. It embodies the sort of asymmetric competition that has become Amazon’s trademark. How does the company do it? First, consider the legacy preceding the Fire. Amazon launched...

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The Middle

A friend of mine used to tell me, ‘There is muddle in the middle.’ He was right. It’s a kind of no-man’s land. You’re neither here nor there. The middle is a safety net, a place where you stay under cover and protect yourself or the status quo. The middle is average. It doesn’t move the needle much at all. Leaders do not live in the middle. Leaders are bold and willing to take a stand. Innovators do not live in the middle.  Innovators live on the edges of new possibilities. Scientists do not live in the middle.  Scientists are always searching to know what doesn’t work. The...

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Talent and Vendors

So incredibly true. The end result is greater value. By Seth Godin You may be purchasing services from people with magical talents (artists) and it’s a mistake to confuse them with vendors. As we get more and more service oriented, it’s an easy mistake to make. You’re busy buying cleaning services or consulting or design, and sometimes the person you’re working with is a vendor, and sometimes they’re not–they’re an artist, “the talent.” A vendor is someone who exists to sell you something. It doesn’t always matter to the vendor...

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