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Gap CEO Tailors Urgent Revamp

A few months ago, social media was aflutter about Gap’s new logo. That debate seems trivial in comparison to Gap’s business reality. According to Gap CEO, Glenn Murphy, this holiday season is a make or break moment for the retailer. The changes Murphy has been driving will either work or not. With no insights beyond what I read, I suspect Gap will be successful for three reasons: Murphy has urgency. Murphy is using time as a strategic asset. Murphy is involving the entire company in the fight. If Gap has identified the most powerful path to drive relevant value, its sense of...

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The State of Marketing 2011

My take-away from IBM’s marketing study is that marketers (in their role as buyer and user) seem to be experiencing what happens in any hot, cluttered category: Noise creates confusion. What’s needed is a place to think, a place that makes sense of the madness. What’s needed is a thought leader who understands the industry problem, and can help guide the way forward. That thought leader role can just as easily be filled by a solution provider as by an industry analyst. I’ve spent time in hot, cluttered categories — open source, middleware, PLM, digital content,...

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