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What is Winning?

It’s a fair question. Do you have a philosophy for winning? Can you articulate it? Does your company have a clearly stated philosophy for winning? Can you recite it? Is it constant or does it change year after year? Does it motivate? While winning can be different things for different people it should always be clear, compelling, and constant. If it is, then every decision you make and every thing you do will forward that winning agenda. Or not. I find it interesting to observe just how many companies have neither a clear nor compelling philosophy for winning. The same is probably true for...

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Don’t Let Inertia Block Forward Progress

My last post, titled Delay Breeds Danger, talked to the importance of institutionalizing a sense of urgency as the way to accelerate through opportunities in front of you. Today’s post is about overcoming your single greatest challenge to swift action – that highly powerful blocking force of inertia. What exactly is inertia? Simply put inertia is everything that makes up what your organization stands for at the moment you embark on an accelerated path forward. Inertia can include any or all of the following: * Fear of change * Fear of the unknown * Your organization’s culture * Your...

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Experiencing Change

Change needs to be reinforced at every turn – in what you say, how you look, and what you do. But at the end of the day, all of these efforts will amount to little if your most important constituents – customers, prospects, partners, and employees – do not experience your organization in an entirely new way. It is in their experience where your organization will begin to be seen as a more valuable provider, partner, and employer. What can you do to facilitate an experience that is different, better, and more valuable? Here are some ways: You say your products are easier to use. Are...

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The Signals of Change

You’ve embraced the opportunity that could alter how your company is valued. You’ve initiated a change program to re-position your company to win. What steps can you take to powerfully signal to the marketplace that something is indeed different? Here are some actions that will signal change. All of them, by the way, are completely in your control: Install new leadership in the executive suite – especially in the areas of product, sales, or marketing Introduce either a new or drastically improved product Sign up an impressive list of partners – be they on the product or...

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Time To Change? How To Know?

Companies with little interest in pushing the boundaries won’t benefit a lot from a serious change program. Nor will companies that lack a sense of urgency. But, for determined organizations facing critical opportunities to accelerate, this is a great time to embark on the valuable path of change. I’ve put together a shortlist of questions to help you know if your organization would benefit from a change agenda: Is your company in a position to accelerate? If not, what’s in the way? Are you positioned for value – or are you selling based on features, functions or price? Are...

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