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Posted by on Apr 15, 2010 in Cloud Computing, Driving Transformation, Enterprise Value, James Heppelmann, Leveraginbg Thought Leadership, MIT, Open Source, PTC, Red Hat, Value Roadmap | 6 comments

It’s amazing to see the hype around hot categories today like cloud computing, social media and clean technology. Everywhere you turn, online or offline, pundits are talking about them, media are writing about them, and companies are selling all kinds of solutions for them. While these categories are indeed significant, the noise around them is deafening. If you’re intrigued with these concepts, you’ve likely noted that every trend comes with a frenzy of opinions and solutions, and everyone has his or her own take on what to do – or,...

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The Road Not Taken

Posted by on Mar 29, 2010 in Creating Value, Driving Transformation, Velocity | 2 comments

I was reminded the other day of Robert Frost’s famous poem from 1915 – The Road Not Taken. Frost’s simple, but poignant musings about choice, inertia, and courage have direct relevance to business decisions today. Executives charged with mapping a course of value creation would do well to heed Frost’s own experience. Here’s why. For all intents and purposes, most executives today find themselves in the woods too – albeit the economic woods – as they search for ways to make their organizations more viable. What choices do they...

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Does Transformation Motivate You?

Posted by on Mar 11, 2010 in Change, Culture, Driving Transformation, Enterprise Value, Growth, Self-Help, Shareholder Value, The Power of Inertia, Time | 3 comments

Most people we poll answer ‘Yes’ to this question. On the surface, an affirming response makes perfect sense. Almost everyone is open to doing something new or doing better. Some are even open to doing things differently. The reality is most reasonably motivated people have the natural desire to improve. And why not? There is an enormous ecosystem of products and services available to support our desire to change. You know the list. Personal trainers, foreign language discs, self-help books and tapes, music instructors, dance...

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Making Change Happen

Posted by on Mar 3, 2010 in Change, Culture, Driving Transformation, Integration, Real-Time Collaboration, The Power of Inertia, Velocity | 4 comments

Many of the companies we talk with don’t have a clear structure for enabling powerful change to happen quickly. After years of being in the hot seat of transformation, we have observed a common set of change qualities within the organization itself that increase the odds of success. There must be a culture of risk-taking and openness to doing things differently There must be healthy respect for other points-of-view There must be a sense of urgency and a commitment to velocity There must be a relentless focus on the endstate. Any distraction...

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CEOs Driving Change

Posted by on Feb 26, 2010 in Change, Creating Value, Driving Transformation, Repositioning | 1 comment

Everybody’s talking about transformation these days – those big changes needed to get the business results shareholders expect. In my view, transformations require repositioning your company in the minds and hearts of everyone — your employees, your current and future customers, and other stakeholders – all at the same time. Because no matter how much you think you’ve changed, it doesn’t count unless people experience your company in a new and more valuable light. Of course, it’s harder than it looks – and usually...

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