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Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

How many times have we heard that refrain? How many times have we ignored it? How many times have we believed that nothing will change because of another day?

If you want (or need) to do something then why not get on with it?  Whether it’s energizing your company, reshaping how you do things, or simply making contact with someone you’ve been thinking about, why is it so hard to act with urgency?

Certainly inertia has something to do with it. Inertia, after all, is a force more powerful than momentum. Inertia is the weight that keeps us rooted in the status quo. Weighty things typically don’t inspire action.

Could it also be laziness? I suppose not doing what we want (or need) can be construed as being lazy no matter what excuses we might have.

But at the end of the day, I believe the failure to act in the here and now comes down to commitment. Acting with urgency requires a commitment to velocity that’s based on the belief that there are no guarantees about what tomorrow may bring. Anything can and very often does happen. The earth might quake. Your competition announces what you’ve been thinking of doing. Someone else writes the piece you’ve been noodling with. Etc.

Tomorrow has yet to emerge. Yesterday is gone. They are far, far away from what exists today. Today is in your control. What you do today is in your control. The sooner you internalize the notion that speed actually matters, the sooner you’ll take the steps toward becoming the person, company, parent, athlete, writer, friend, spouse, partner, mentor, and leader you want/need/can be.

Be in the moment. Focus on what’s in front of you. Then do it again and again and again. Be impatient with yourself. Just do it. Because you can.


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