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Five Ways to Know Change Is Happening

The adoption of a change agenda has its own natural course of momentum. Once the resistance of inertia begins to break down, you will actually feel the shift taking hold inside your organization.
If you’ve done a good job of driving the new way by seeding it with change agents, demonstrating its power both visually and verbally, and garnering support from internal and external influencers, you will see the following common traits of early adoption.
  1. People will start randomly using the language they’ve heard or seen
  2. Visuals used in your change demonstrations will show up in everything from PowerPoint presentations, sales materials, and e-mail signatures
  3. You will be asked for brand and messaging guidelines
  4. Your presence will be in greater demand at internal events and departmental meetings
  5. The product, marketing and sales teams, cornerstone members of the change coalition, will begin reflecting the new way in their respective work
While adoption of a change agenda is your goal, you want to be sure to protect the power of the change platform from the start. Here’s why. People naturally get caught up in the excitement of something new. Absent clear guidelines and tools, they become their own creative director and go forth with adaptations they believe are in keeping with the program.
Your efforts to drive a change agenda have been yeoman-like up to this point. Don’t dilute the power of what is possible by having your program stray off course. Prepare and deliver change kits to the organization very early in the process. These deliverables will not only ensure continued momentum, they will drive compliance and consistency as well.
What’s in your change kit? I’ll reveal my favorites in my next post.

One Comment

  1. Tom Butta says:

    Witnessing the process of jumping on board is quite enlightening. There is definitely a tipping point when it comes to accepting the change agenda. If you're not prepared for it, you'll find yourself shutting down a bunch of stuff that's not right. You're much better off arming the organization with guidelines and tools from the get-go.

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